How do I cancel an online order?
Your order begins processing right after it is submitted and may not always be able to be cancelled.

Canceling an In Store Order
For in Store Pickup items that are in stock you can start to cancel your order during our normal Business Hours by phone, a Team Member will be able to assist you in the process.

Canceling to Ship Orders
Orders to be shipped can be cancelled by contacting us. For to Ship orders, it is best to chat or call us as soon as you realize you want to cancel the order.
Cancellations and or returns must comply with our Return Policy.

We can be reached at (954)306-6555.
Available 5 days a week
8:00 am - 4:30 pm EST M-F
If your order has already shipped and is on its way, you will need to return the order to us by following our Return Policy terms.

How can I find a specific product?
Search by Keyword
Enter your search term(s) or part number in the Search box at the top of the site and we will do the rest. You will see your results in a single, easy to browse page and we will even breakdown the item by category so you can get what you need faster.

Browse by Category
Don't know exactly what you need or just want to look around? We have put thousands of products into easy-to-browse groups and included links to themon the top of our Homepage and on the right side of each shopping page. Easily locate everything from equipment to replacement parts.

Browse by Brand
Know the brand you want but not the item? Select Shop by brand and you will have all the brands listed in alphabetic order.

For the best shopping experience on Aprontodental.com, please enable cookies on your browser. See our Privacy Policy for full details on how we use cookies to enhance your shopping experience.

How do you calculate sales tax?
Apronto Dental LLC charges sales tax on all orders as required by law.

How is tax calculated?
The sales tax amount is based on your shipping address and the current tax rates in that jurisdiction. Tax will be displayed during checkout before you payfor your order. Items with in-store pickup selected will be charged sales tax based on the location of the store.

Note: Some states do not offer refunds on tax applied to core charges.

Why haven't I received my Order Confirmation email?
All orders are subject to verification, which may occasionally delay the availability of your order.

Order Verification may take up to 12 hours. During this time, our verification team might attempt to confirm that the order was placed with the cardholder's consent. This protection is for both Apronto Dental LLC and you, our customer.

The best way to ensure your order is processed as quickly as possible is to use the same billing information on your order as is on file with your payment card.

Once your order has been verified, you will receive your order confirmation email and your product will be ready to ship or pick up withing a specified period of time.

Can I exchange a part that I ordered online?.
If you have an item that you no longer need, you may return it immediately in accordance with our Return Policy for a refund or exchange. For defective exchanges you will need to return the defective item and then repurchase the alternate item that you want either at Aprontodental.com or by visiting our store location.

See our Return Policy for additional details and/or exclusions

Does Apronto Dental LLC price-match its competitors?
Apronto Dental LLC Price Match Guarantee
Apronto Dental LLC understand competition is fierce, it is our policy that we must be competitive in order to survive in this competitive world. Our prices must be competitive is always our policy. If you (our customer) find a similar item at a more competitive price, please call us and Apronto Dental LLC will do the best possible to match or improve your purchase satisfaction.     

If I return an item for refund, how is the tax amount calculated and
returned to me?

When returning an item from your Apronto Dental LLC online order you will be refunded the tax that you were originally charged for the item.
Depending on tax laws in your jurisdiction, you may or may not be refunded the tax charged for shipping and handling fees or core charges.
If only a portion of your order is returned, the tax refund amount is calculated on the tax originally charged on those items.
Your refund will be credited to the original method of payment, usually within 7-10 business days, depending on your financial institution.
Please check with the Department Of Taxation in your jurisdiction for more information.

What should I do if I do not see a credit to my account after
being refunded?
Credit Card refunds will generally post to your account in 5-7 business days. If you do nott see the funds after 7 business days, contact your bank to see if the refund is in a pending status. If this is the case, your bank should be able to tell you when they will post it to your account. If the credit still cannot be located, Contact Us and we will attempt to verify the credit was successfully transmitted.

Why doesn't the receipt that the store provided match my refund?
Store receipts for online orders may not show applicable charges for sales tax, fees, shipping-handling charges, or discounts that you received on your order.

For details on those amounts please refer to your credit card statement, confirmation email, or your Apronto Dental LLC account representative.